The Simplest Possible Setup

Released October 14, 2013

The Simplest Possible Setup is released as a tribute to one of our drummers, Jorgen Stensson, who passed away in December of 2012. Jorgen was a brilliant musician, DJ, and sound engineer whose meticulous ears pushed us and everyone around him to work at our highest levels.

Produced by Tom Lattanand and Rob Gwin

Mixed by Tom Lattanand
Tracks 5 and 10 mixed by Jorgen Stensson, Marcel Cacdac, and Tom Lattanand

Mastered by Stephen Barncard

Special thanks to: Scott Theakston, Tim Bremner, John Merrill, Bill Witter, Marcel Cacdac, and Steve Barncard.

Musicians: Tom Lattanand (guitar, vocals, keyboards, synths), Rob Gwin (bass, synths) Damon Hope (drums), Micah McClain (drums), Jorgen Stensson (drums), John Merrill (percussion), Bill Witter (tabla), Artemis Robison (vocals), Audio Angel (vocals), Emily Rich (vocals), Sylvain Carton (bari and alto sax), Mitch Marcus (tenor and alto sax), Henry Hung (trumpet), Cornelius Boots (bari sax), Liz Larson (trombone), Joey Chang (cello)

Recorded and mixed at the Orange Room in Oakland, CA

Cover art by Anastasia Lattanand

© copyright 2013 Jazzcubed Records